DID YOU KNOW: by putting in energy efficiency measures, the average campus can save as much as £37k per year; that's equivalent to over 370 student laptops.

Energy Saving Solutions for Schools

According to The Carbon Trust, school energy bills amount to £543 million per year. If every school in the UK simply switched to energy-efficient LED lighting, or implemented any type of energy efficient technology, over £100 million + could be saved each year.

If every school in the UK simply switched to energy-efficient LED lighting, or implemented any type of energy efficient technology, over £100 million + could be saved each year.

This would give the opportunity to invest in improvements in other areas of each school such as fixing old buildings and help fund major school improvements.

UK Energy Watch specialise in helping schools across the UK reduce their power, energy, save money and improve the educational environment.

An initial audit will measure your existing energy usage and identify key areas of waste. We can then determine how much you can save in energy and money by installing energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting and Solar PV.

As experienced UK energy consultants, we can take the stress off your hands and manage the whole project for you:

It is our recommendation to fund such projects in schools by applying for and using Salix’s zero interest energy efficiency loans that enable schools in England, Scotland and Wales to significantly reduce energy usage without taking funds out of this year’s current budget.

There is also funding available via the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) which we can advise you on.

We can help you apply and secure funding for your project, which is all part of our service as Energy Efficiency Consultants and Technology specialists.

LED Lighting For Schools

Installing LED lights is the first step we often take as a way of helping our clients reduce energy usage and costs, as the savings are immediate and very significant.

LED Lighting has a longer lifespan than traditional non-LED lighting with a life expectancy of 50,000 – 70,000 hours. That is 15+ years of life in most schools, meaning fewer maintenance efforts and costs which is an additional financial benefit to consider.

With so many major benefits to LED Lighting in schools, it is easy to overlook the benefits LED Lighting delivers in terms of improved lighting levels and working and learning environments. The improvements post project are clear to see from all students, teachers and staff.

As well as clear LED lighting we recommend advanced lighting controls such as daylight dimming and occupancy sensors to cut further costs.

Using Solar Energy to Save Money

Install Solar Capital Free through a PPA

Choose our Solar capital free option to significantly reduce your energy costs without any capital investment.

Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you will receive the benefits of a solar PV solution on an ‘all inclusive’ basis, covering the purchase of the system, installation and ongoing operational monitoring and maintenance with nothing to pay, ever!

Our investing partners simply enter into an agreement directly with you to lease the air space above your roof and in return, you receive significantly reduced energy costs.

At a time when rising energy is becoming a serious problem, this funded model gives you an easy solution to this problem and also negates the significant tax increases in business rates now being levied against companies who own their solar installation.

With a PPA model, these rates do not apply as the system is not owned by you, but by our investors.

If you would prefer to invest your capital into your own Solar PV system we can also provide this for you.

Energy Storage for Schools

The battery storage takes off grid reliance by 80% allowing you to be the main producer of your own energy.

With the energy being stored away in the bespoke energy storage unit each school has the ability to enhance the electrical performance during opening hours.

To optimise your system for peak performance we will help you set our user-friendly web portal which allows the battery storage to be self-sufficient.

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