Lighting Designs

Energy Intelligence has over a decade experience in producing detailed, in-depth lighting designs that put functionality and sustainability at the core of the design stage.
Design is at the heart of our project management and planning. We produce detailed, accurate, in-depth lighting designs that put functionality and sustainability at the core of the design stage.
Environments we specialise in high quality LED Lighting designs include:


NHS Sites

Public Sector- council buildings

Warehouse & Industrial


Lighting objectives vary from sector to sector.

An office space lighting design focuses on the visual space comfort, productivity and wellbeing; whereas a warehouse concentrates on lighting required for the task at hand, and staff alertness.

Our qualified lighting designers combine an organisation’s personal objectives and settings to develop a comprehensive concept and specification that meets the bespoke needs.

Custom LED Lighting Designs for the Education Sector

As specialists in the education sector, we have a wealth of knowledge in creating lighting designs for all types of learning environments, from small classrooms to large sports halls, colleges and universities.

And we have helped various specialist schools across the UK implement LED Lighting that create a nurturing environment for autistic students.

Research suggests that children’s moods are strongly affected by lighting. Individuals with autism are more vulnerable to the sub-visible flicker or direct fluorescent lighting which can cause headaches, eyestrain and increased repetitive behaviour.

Our recommendations will bring about a positive effect that aids stimulation, development and balance of a person’s sensory system.

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