LED Lighting

Upgrading to LED Lighting technology guarantees instant energy reduction, savings and reduced maintenance costs.

There are a comprehensive range of energy efficiency solutions that can reduce energy consumption, but LED Lighting is one of the most impactful technologies to provide significant energy efficiency gains.

But making the switch doesn’t just offer energy and financial savings.

Designed and specified correctly, LED lighting solutions can improve working conditions and lighting levels. Dim, poorly lit working environments can cause reduced concentration, poor posture and long-term weakened vision.

Ensuring your organisation has the optimal lux levels is essential; our consultants advise correct LUX levels to comply with industry safety standards and sustainability.

led lighting

Nero Energy has over a decade’s experience in LED Lighting projects. Our knowledgeable team of lighting designers and project managers have helped a wealth of establishments to upgrade their lighting systems including schools, councils, NHS sites, building surveyors and SMEs.

We understand the complexities involved in implementing a Lighting project whether you have a warehouse, office, hospital or learning environment.

Our experts are highly skilled in all aspects of energy-efficient lighting and Control Systems; head on over to our Case Studies to see for yourself.

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So what are you waiting for? Reap the multitude of advantages and upgrade to LED

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