Intelligent Lighting Controls

Adding smart controls to an LED Lighting project is an intelligent move.

In this new age of technology, it's possible to install a lighting system which thinks for itself, dims when there is enough natural daylight in the room, turns off when there is no person present and fully controllable through a mobile phone or computer.

Nero Energy have over a decade’s experience in LED Lighting projects, helping a plethora of UK organisations coordinate lighting solutions to think intelligently.

Our specialist lighting experts can advise on all aspects of emergency lighting systems and lighting controls that complement great lighting design.

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Benefits of Intelligent lighting controls include:

We’ve helped clients in the private and public sector to design, produce, and install a range of intelligent, cost-efficient, and energy-saving lighting controls. Typical environments serviced include schools, NHS sites, council and commercial buildings.

Speak to our knowledgeable team of lighting designers and project managers for specialist, reliable advice that meets your needs and exceeds expectations.

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Some of the clients we have worked with:

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