Thurnham Glasson School

Thurnham Glasson CoE School – LED Lighting Installation

Energy Intelligence conducted an initial energy efficiency audit to identify the costs of running the lighting in the school each year.

We quickly identified the potential for the school to save money by replacing their existing fluorescent lighting to LED Lighting.

Following a few further discussions, the school applied for an interest free loan with the help of UK Energy Lighting to cover the cost of the project, and are now using a percentage of the energy savings to pay for the project.

The project has delivered over £1000 of savings per year for the small school, which once paid back the school will be able to benefit from.

The learning environment has also been greatly improved for both the students and the teachers with an increase in lux levels and a cleaner light from the LED Luminaires.

Project Overview

Energy Spend before LED installation: £1496.01

Energy Spend after LED installation: £336.23

Annual Savings: £1159.78

Annual Payments: £886.74

Annual Cash Gain: £273.04

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