Case Studies

Browse through a selection of some of our Energy Efficiency projects that we’re proud to have delivered, generating significant energy and financial savings.

Blackpool Tower Ballroom

As part of the annual cleaning operation, all 1,120 lights in the ballroom’s Edwardian chandeliers have been changed to new energy-saving LED bulbs.


The existing lighting in the warehouse wasn’t performing to it’s full ability and wasn’t a clean source of light and instead appeared more yellow than white.

LSA Technology and Performing Arts College

Energy Intelligence were commissioned by Lytham St Annes Technology and Performing Arts College to undertake a lighting audit to evaluate their lighting energy and maintenance usage.

Skerton St Lukes Primary School

After meeting Energy Intelligence at a NASBM conference, the school commissioned Energy Intelligence to conduct an energy efficiency audit to first identify the potential savings the school could make if they upgraded the lighting system to LED Lighting.

Moorside Primary School

With a comprehensive lighting survey of Moorside Primary School we discovered the existing lighting was using a large amount of energy per year more than needed and proposed an LED Lighting Installation funded through an energy efficiency fund available to the school.

Banks Road Primary School

The existing lighting installation at Banks Road Primary School in Garston featured various types of fluorescent fittings and the school’s business manager, Doreen Finnegan, was keen to reduce the running and replacement costs of the lighting.

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